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No Saints Row IV on Wii U


Saints Row IV is not coming to Wii U, a Deep Silver representative confirmed with Polygon today. The publisher did not provide a rationale as to why the Wii U was skipped over. As announced today, Saints Row IV will release August 20 for PC and unspecified current-generation platforms. Other big-name games that skipped over the Wii U include Far ... Read More »

EA: SimCity offline mode ‘didn’t fit with our vision’


Electronic Arts has admitted it could have created an offline option for SimCity, but developer Maxis ultimately chose not to so as to keep with the “vision” of the city-building game. In a note to fans today titled “Straight Answers From Lucy,” Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw explained that SimCity is an always evolving product, similar to a massively multiplayer ... Read More »

Fallout dev teases new RPG


A new role-playing game is brewing at Obsidian Entertainment, makers of Fallout: New Vegas and the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth. The developer’s website has been updated with a new teaser page that reveals “Project X.” Obsidian has a new RPG in the works. An image (at right) with the number 4 inside an ouroboros symbol is shown ... Read More »

Fight Club director producing Halo 4 launch trailer


The Halo movie may be stalled, but that has not stopped Microsoft from tapping Hollywood talent for its popular science fiction series. The company announced today that Fight Club and The Social Network director David Fincher will produce Halo 4′s live-action launch trailer. Visual effects craftsman Tim Miller, who contributed to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Fincher’s The Girl ... Read More »

Industry must innovate and evolve to thrive, says Sony


The gaming industry must innovate and evolve if it wants to flourish, according to PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan. Speaking to MCV, the executive sounded off on the varied trends in the industry today. Innovation and evolution are keys to a healthy industry, Ryan says. “It is great that the industry evolves and goes in different directions,” Ryan said. “No ... Read More »

Wii U online to be free


Nintendo is not planning to charge a subscription fee for the Wii U’s online service, company president Satoru Iwata said during a recent shareholders meeting, the English translation of which was made public today. Iwata explained that the decision to make the Nintendo Network (which also operates on the 3DS) free to access was due in part to an effort ... Read More »

No Dead Space 3 on Wii U


Dead Space 3 will not scare Wii U gamers. Visceral Games vice president and general manager Steve Papoutsis said via Twitter recently that there are no plans to bring the upcoming horror action game to Nintendo’s forthcoming high-definition console. Dead Space 3 is not in the cards for the Wii U. Responding to a question regarding the possibility of Dead ... Read More »

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance scheduled for early 2013


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has been dated for early 2013. The news came from Konami’s pre-E3 press conference, in which the publisher also unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the Platinum Games-developed action title. The game’s story has changed places in the Metal Gear timeline. Originally, Metal Gear Solid: Rising was intended to take place before the events of Metal ... Read More »

Burnout dev making Need for Speed Most Wanted


A new Need for Speed Most Wanted is in development at Burnout studio Criterion Games, Electronic Arts announced today. No further information is available, but the game’s first screenshot (below) hints that it will focus on police chases. The chase is on in Need for Speed Most Wanted. The 2005 original Need for Speed Most Wanted was developed by EA ... Read More »