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Christian Bale Could Play Moses in ‘Exodus’


  Christian Bale is eyed to star in Fox’s project “Exodus”. According to Deadline, director Ridley Scott is courting the star of “The Dark Knight Rises” to tackle the Moses role. Christian Bale is still in early talks with the studio, but Fox wants to get the project off the ground quickly. The studio is hoping that Scott can start ... Read More »

Brand New Photos Of THE HOBBIT, From Its New App


WB recently launched a new app for THE HOBBIT called HOBBIT MOVIES and is now free, available online in the App store. The new app also offered a bunch of new stills from the upcoming epic film. Check out the app’s description, plus the images below.. Explore Middle-Earth and experience the epic adventure of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” with ... Read More »

Uma Thurman Joins Nymphomaniac


He’s currently busy cranking the cameras on his latest, Nymphomaniac, but Lars von Trier has still found time to dragoon someone new into the cast. Uma Thurman has agreed to take her first role for the director. The exact nature of that role is not yet known, but it could be erotically charged, since the entire movie is planned as ... Read More »

Ben Affleck: Having Justin Bieber’s Hair Almost F****d My Film Up

The Town - Premiere:67th Venice Film Festival

In his new movie ‘Argo’ Ben Affleck wanted to portray a tough 70s CIA agent, intent on rescuing Americans from Iran. So imagine his horror when everyone turned round and said “Err.. sorry Ben, you look like Justin Bieber.” Not that we’ve got anything against Biebs you understand, especially in his mop-top days, which is what we think is what ... Read More »

Beyonce Drops out of “A Star is Born” Remake


                    Beyonce has officially called it quits on Clint Eastwood‘s remake of the classic film, A Star Is Born. Reports flowed that Bey had gotten the role back in January 2011, but production was eventually pushed back when she became pregnant with Blue Ivy later on that year. Now sources say that, with Beyoncé ... Read More »

Taken 3 Could Happen


You would think that no-one would consider defying Liam Neeson – and certainly not after the events of Taken 2. But 20th Century Fox and Taken co-writer/producers Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen are considering doing just that in the quest for more films about Bryan Mills. In the wake of the sequel’s big box-office launch across the pond, Kamen ... Read More »



GRADE: 4 out of 5 A somewhat sentimental but effective drama for siblings everywhere. Well-acted, well-scripted, I think Alex Kurtzman’s feature directorial debut is off to a feel-good start. Chris Pine once again, just like he did in Star Trek, shows those effortless skills of his, everything about that man screams movie star, and Elizabeth Banks proves that this is ... Read More »

Eric Sykes Has Died


The entertainment world has lost one of the most respected comedy writers and performers as Eric Sykes has died at the age of 89. Sykes grew up in Oldham, Lancashire and began his entertainment career while serving in the Royal Air Force during World War II. Following the conflict, he moved to London in 1946 and began looking for work. ... Read More »

New Resident Evil Retribution Trailer


Paul WS Anderson seems to have turned suiting his other half (that would be Milla Jovovich) up in black leather and latex into a sort of family tradition. Every two years, she dons constricting outfits and they make another Resident Evil movie. The latest, Retribution, arrives on September 28 and the latest trailer can be experienced below. Retribution promises more ... Read More »

Lindsay Lohan Off To The Canyons


Despite her well-publicised struggles and work issues (the most recent was just last week, when she was involved in a car accident on the way to shooting Elizabeth Taylor TV movie biopic Liz Dick), Lindsay Lohan is looking to keep her film career moving. She’s one of the first actors set to star in Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader’s ... Read More »