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Rihanna’s 777 Documentary Set To Air In May

Rihanna’s 777 Documentary Set To Air In May

d3255 Rihanna Rihanna’s 777 Documentary Set To Air In MayIf you a Rihanna fan then you most certainly remember the “777″ tour where RiRi embarked on an international tour spanning 7 days, 7 countries and 7 shows in promotion and celebration for the album “Unapologetic“.

Stops included NYC, Toronto, London, Paris Mexico City, Stockholm, and Berlin.

If you couldn’t make it live and missed the live stream on the interwebs, now you’ll have the chance to live the whole thing within 1 hour.

You’ll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her life on road on the upcoming documentary including performances and all of the mayhem that went on while on road for the week.

The one hour special chronicling RiRi’s “777 Tour” will air May 6th exclusively on FOX.

Rihanna had invited damn near a hundred bloggers, to come on tour with her, paid flights and everything. I got the invite but I ain’t about that life. 7 days, 7 countries? Nah chill.

Many bloggers were complaining that they didn’t get any face-time with the Superstar, as if that was a part of the deal.

Just be happy you were there and didn’t even have to come out of pocket.

Damn bloggers….-_-

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